My favorite flies for Everglades Tarpon.


A lot of friends ask me what flies to bring on an Everglades tarpon trip. The great thing about tarpon fishing in the glades is that 90% of the time that they are there and you find them they will happily eat a well presented fly. The other 10% of the time the won't eat anything. This is usually due to the water temp. I use one basic pattern and color all of the time in the glades. If it doesn't get eaten it's usually because they haven't seen it. If it gets in front of them they will garbage it. The fly I use is a black and purple fly with a rabbit strip tail and a fox fur head. The tail gives a lot of rear movement and vibration and the foxfire head remains light and casts well but still pushes a lot of water. Be sure to tie in some sort of anti fouling loop on the rabbit strip. The black and purple is key in the dark water of the glades. To buy this fly commercially tied you can get it from S.S. flies. It is called the foxfur tarpon and I get it tied on a 2/0 hook.