Florida keys tarpon season


Tarpon season is upon us here in the Florida keys. As usual we have had some nice weather along with some windy and cloudy weather. I have had the opportunity to fish with some great friends while down in the keys. I have had great success in the Everglades and the backcountry close to islamorada. While there will be always be some fish around, the Everglades will start winding down soon as a majority of the fish will move into the Keys for the annual migration. The glades will get really good again starting in June when the tarpon start there trip north. 

In the glades I have been throwing baitbusters and hogys on spinning rods and black and purple flies on an intermediate tip line on the fly rod. Laid up fish and rollers are the game in the Glades.  

In the Keys I have been having good success on white and pink hogys with a spinning rod. I have been throwing small chartreuse or pink and tan flies around town in Islamorada.  

The next few months will be all about the Silver Kings.