South Carolina Redfishing.


Redfishing has been great in South Carolina over the last week. Fish have been easy to locate on the high and low tides. We have had low tides in the morning so I have began my mornings fishing the shorelines of bays and inlets that have good oysters around them. When looking for areas like this I focus on places that have large oyster beds made of of points and small pockets the Reds can lay in. Small creeks running out make it even better. This type of stuctur me holds a lot of redfish. Reds have been very receptive to fly and artificials. These low tide fish are in very shallow water. Usually less than 7 inches. They can be a bit spooky but the sight fishing is very exciting. These areas have been producing some surprisingly large schools of fish.

On the higher tide I have moved back in the creeks and found the fish staging and moving into the pockets in the grass. These fish are usually floating and very happy. The high tide has been around the 5 foot mark which is about a foot to low to get any tailing action on the flats. During the peak of the tide I have been able to find some  edges of grass flats with just enough water that a few fish were cruising around. We also had shots at black drum and sheepshead tailing here as well as a floating tripletail that happily are a fly. 

Our tides and fishing will only continue to improve thru the summer. If you are in the Charleston or Myrtle Beach area and would like to get on the water give me a call.