Summer in South Carolina

At Blue Wing Guide Service we have just wrapped up our summer season. We had some excellent days with great clients. We have some incredible tarpon fishing in July and August and spilling into September. This year was a little different than usual. It was quite a bit cooler than usual and we had way more rain than we needed. Most of the rain came from the tropical systems that grazed the coast. This made for some challenging conditions with dirty water and high seas. The cooler weather made it very comfortable on the water But caused the the fish to show up a little later. Once they got in it was on fire during the right tides. During the summer we dedicate the majority of our time to tarpon fishing but we did do some redfishing.  We caught some extremely large bull reds while tarpon fishing and also had some good days on the tailing flats and at low tide. It’s time to put up my 18 Maverick tarpon skiff and get my whipray and enjoy some fall redfishing. Summer dates for tarpon in 2018 are filling up fast. Email me if you are interested in experiencing fishing in the lowcountry.