Abaco Bahamas Bonefishing


I had the opportunity to spend some time in the Bahamas exploring some areas on the north end of Abaco. My wife and I fly into Marsh Harbor and spent our first night on marsh harbor and worker our way north anchoring and staying at marinas up to West End.   


The first day was tough. Wind and clouds made visibility very low. We fished out of Coopers Town on the backside of Abaco.  We covered a good bit of water and eventually made it happen on a decent bone at the end of the trip.  


The next day we started out on the ocean side and had shots at some very nice sized bones but the slack tide made them hesitant to eat. We picked up and ran to the back immediately when we stopped we were on fish. We had shots at singles small groups and schools of 1000 plus fish. It was pretty incredible. I'm not sure how many we caught that day but we ended up way into the double digits. 


The third day we fished with the same guide on the backside and had much the same experience as the day before. Our guide, Pedro was phenomenal and I really enjoyed fishing with him. He poked a boat like I would. It's always nice fishing with a really good guide. We finished our trip wading a flat that was covered in fish and my wife and I traded off pulling them from the schools.  

The bahamas really is an amazing fishery and I am excited to get back.