Best push pole length

Push pole length depends a certain degree on preference and water depth. There are many different lengths of poles out there whether it was purchased that way or ended up that way from being broken and shortened or a ferrule put in fo added length. Most poles when purchased though are 21 or 24 foot. We will use these lengths for this article. For a most anglers chasing redfish or bonefish in shallow water less than 3 foot deep a 21 is a great length. For tarpon anglers in deeper water a 24 is usually a great bet. That being said many pick a 21 or 24 and stick with it. A 21 is lighter and more maneuverable but a 24 allows you to walk the pole without repositioning it as often. I personally prefer to buy a 24. This allows me to fish in deep water and walks the pole longer distances in shallow water. Another benefit is that if it is ever broken you still have room to put a new foot on before getting below 21 ft. I have always felt that I had to move a pole way to much if it was under 21.