Fly line management tools

Fly line management is very important to being successful on the water. Much of this comes from practice and good management like a good cast or double haul must be learned. There are a few items I carry every day to aid my angler greatly in his quest to keep the fly line from not becoming a tangled disaster or heaven forbid caught in my trolling motor prop. The first is an oversized gym bag I slip over the trolling motor and all it’s wiring and mount. On a calm day this is all that is usually needed. This will keep the line that is being stripped on the deck from getting tangled. I will always have this on the troller when I have a fly angler.

The second is a stripping mat. This is simply a mat with spikes to catch the line and keep it from spilling overboard. This works great in moderate wind conditions.

The third is a stripping bucket. This is used when conditions get breezy. It is a great tool to keep line from blowing around but it does take some concentration to get the bucket while stripping. I will usually put the stripping mat beside it to catch any line falling outside the bucket when an angler is quickly casting to or trying to feed a fish. As always the net will be over the troller.