My Maverick 18 HPX setup


Here is a little walkthru on how I rig my Maverick 18 HPX. Starting at the bow I have a custom casting platform. This platform has leg braces to allow the angler to stand on the deck and brace themselves in rough water or fighting fish. It also is the perfect level to sit on for a rest. The angler can also stand on top of it to get better visibility on the flats if needed. I will also stand on this behind the angler to help direct Fl them to fish at times. The only other thing on the bow is the trolling motor. I have it offset to the starboard side to keep it as much out of the ways as possible. I can also remove it and put it on the stern if not needed. The quick release puck is very clean and will not catch fly line. In the front hatch is my fuel and miscellaneous gear. In the cockpit I carry a 45 quart yeti that doubles as a seat in front of the console. The console is the y’all one offered by maverick and has a cushion to make a comfortable back rest. In the console I have a 7” garmin mounted. The rear seating I have a double thick cushion that is very comfortable. On the back deck I have 2 hatches and the livewell. The starboard hatch is where I have all my gear and tackle. The port hatch carries 4 type 1 life jackets and has plenty of room for all of the gear my clients my gear. On the stern is mounted my Yamaha 115 and the poling platform. This is the best skiff I have found to fish the big water that I do.