Skiff anchor rig

My anchor rig is pretty simple but I have been using it for several years and am very happy with it. I will start with the anchor and work my way to the top. I will also give a range for size or length of the item depending on conditions you fish.

For the anchor I use a galvanized claw anchor. These have done me well in all conditions. I have slept many a nights trusting a claw to hold the yacht I was on so naturally a skiff or bay boat is a no brainer. I use from a 3 pound up to a 12. The 3 held in all conditions I needed in the Florida Keys and Everglades. In South Carolina we have very heavy current and deep water and I went to a 12. This ensures I hold where I want even on hard bottom.

I use from 4-12 foot of chain depending on conditions or location. The 4 foot chain on my keys anchor is rubber coated which is nice for keeping it quiet and from beating up the skiff.

For rope I use from 50 to 100 foot. My keys anchor has 50 foot. This allows me to sit on the ocean in 4-10 foot of water and still have plenty of room to pole around a little. The 100 foot is helpful in the heavy current and deep water in South Carolina.

For my keys anchor I use a crab trap marker float and in SC I use a 20 inch boat fender. These floats hold up the end of the line for when I release the anchor to chase a hooked fish.

My quick release clip is a Rhonstadt clip that is sold at west marine. I think it holds 5000 pounds which is plenty for a skiff. From this I run a small line long enough to reach the inside of the cockpit with a small cork on the end. This is easy to grab and pull to quickly unhook us from the anchor.