Spinning gear on my skiff

The spinning gear that I carry on my skiff depends on 2 basic seasons. The summer and fall season and the winter and spring season. I like to carry the minimal gear so that the skiff is not cluttered but at the same time have everything we need for the day.

For summer and fall I always carry 2 heavier rods for the tarpon or bull reds we encounter. These rods are 7 foot  15-30 pound Shimano Terramars with a 5000 size Florida Fishing Products reel. This setup is heavy enough to battle big fish but still plenty light to be a pleasure to cast all day. I also carry a pair of G Loomis Greenwater rods with a 3000 size Florida Fishing Products reel. These rods are 7’6 10-15 pound. They are extremely light weight and handle all the inshore size redfish we encounter. I use 20 pound power pro braid on my smaller rods and 30 on the larger. In the winter and spring I scale back and carry the 2 greenwater rods a lot with 2 G Loomis NRX rods of similar weight and length. This time of year heavier gear isn’t necessary since we spend our time in the creeks and bays.