Trolling motors on skiffs

Trolling motors on skiffs have been controversial in some places but have almost become a necessity. In the Florida Keys it is rare to see one on a skiff but there are few places that have stayed away from them as long as there. The poling tradition is sting in the Keys. Poling is required for and water less than a foot deep but there are many situations in deeper water where fish can still be stealthily approached with a trolling motor. The last 3 years I have adopted the trolling motor on my skiff whereas before I was totally against them. They are indispensable for much of my fishing now.

I use the Minn Kota Terrova with i-Pilot. This new model is incredible and the anchor mode feature allows me to fish in ways I would never have been able to before. I use a 24 volt system. A 12 is to light for any real fishing usage on most skiffs. To reduce weight I use lithium batteries and a stealth charger that constantly keeps my charge high. I have been very pleased with this system.