Yeti coolers on my skiff


I get a lot of questions on whether Yeti coolers are worth the cost. I am a firm believer that they are and I use many of their other products besides the hard coolers as well. On many days I carry a 45 quart in front of my console with a cushion on it for a seat. This holds all my drinks for my clients as well as their lunch. I also carry a Hopper Flip 12 for my lunch. I put the Yeti ice block in the bottom and it works great to keep my food cool but not soggy. My personal favorite is the Rambler in the one gallon size. I love having cold water handy all day and I find I stay much more hydrated when I don’t have to dig thru the cooler every time I want a drink. I’m all about cutting down on plastic as well not only for the environment but to keep my from having to throw it away when I clean out my skiff every afternoon.