Cast and blast

Fishing weather

I've always said you can fish in wind and you can fish in clouds but cloudy and windy is almost impossible.

On cloudy calm days you can do really well on low tides casting at pushes around mud flats and at high look for pushes and tails in the grass. Often days that are 100% overcast will provide surprisingly good visibility because there will be no glare. 

on windy days there are almost always places to hide and get in a Lee shoreline. You may not have as many options but the fish are still there and feeding. 

What makes windy cloudy days so tough is that it is the worst of both. You are limited on spots and the few you have will usually get blown really fast because you can't see the fish.  


Dealing with weather is what makes fishing so exciting. No day turns out like you expect it it is forecasted to be. Being able to find fish in any conditions is what makes a great guide and being able to feed fish in any conditions is what makes a great angler. 



Marsh Hen Hunting


The fall is hard to beat here in the lowcountry. Along with tailing tides we have marsh hen hunting. On the highest of high tides these birds are forced onto the last remaining areas of grass that is still above water. Pushing thru these areas in the skiff will cause the hens to flush very much like a quail. This is a lot of fun and can be paired with a tailing tide trip. These are what we call cast and blast trips and are one of the greatest lowcountry experiences.