Its amazing how close the Everglades is to Miami and the Florida Keys but at the same time it is incredibly remote and unpressured. The area of the Glades that I fish runs from the southern tip of Florida, around Cape Sable, and up to the Lostmans River. This area if is made up of a multitude of river and creek drainages surrounded by dense mangrove forests. while the snook and redfishing in the Everglades can be great what really draws me is the tarpon. Early in the spring when the water temperature rises huge schools of tarpon swim into the quiet bays and corners of the glades to feed and lay-up. Tarpon use the Everglades as a stopping point in there migration to and from the Keys and some hang around and feed on the abundance of bait this area has to offer. There is no where else better to be on a calm morning surrounded by hundreds of rolling tarpon. My favorite time of year to be in the glades is March and April.