Below are a few videos from my guiding career. My favorite ones are the episodes of Saltwater Experience. I had watched and studied every show that Tom Rowland and Rich Tudor made and to be able to be a part of these episodes was an incredible experience. I had the opportunity to film with them in the Everglades and Marquesas. Tom and Rich are great guys and I owe much of my success to their filming with me.

I also had the pleasure of filming with Silver Kings. I believe that Silver Kings is the best fly fishing show to be on television since Walkers Cay Chronicles. It was a pleasure to have Rob and Bou onboard and the tarpon footage they captured is incredible.

The tarpon on fly video from the ocean side of Islamorada was filmed by Patrick Rhea. He is incredibly talented and his work with a video camera is nothing short of incredible.

Other videos below are some of my personal videos. I am not any good with a camera but they show the fishing I love to do.